Amun package service

Welcome, this is the package server of Amun. Its like a small packagist wich hosts all services of Amun. Add this to your composer json to install a service:

"repositories": [{
	"type": "composer",
	"url": ""
Name Description Version
amun/asset A service wich concatenates various css or js files into one output 1.0.3
amun/comment General comment system wich can be used to store comments refering to an id 1.0.3
amun/content Basic service wich handles pages and gadgets 1.0.3
amun/core Contains the core functionalities of amun 1.0.3
amun/country Service wich provides a table of countries 1.0.3
amun/file Service to make a raw page wich can be edited. It is possible to define the content type and content of each page 1.0.3
amun/forum Implementation of an simple forum system. It is possible to create threads and set the status to sticky or closed 1.0.3
amun/hostmeta Provides an Host-Meta endpoint 1.0.3
amun/installer Provides an custom installer for amun services 1.0.3
amun/log Service wich logs every record insert, update or delete 1.0.3
amun/login Service wich offers a login and registration option 1.0.3
amun/lrdd Provides an LRDD endpoint to discover details about a page or person 1.0.2
amun/mail A service to manage mail templates wich can be used by other services 1.0.3
amun/media Offers a general way to upload and access arbitrary media files 1.0.3
amun/my Service wich offers an activitystream and handling of user settings and friends 1.0.3
amun/news Implementation of an News system. It is possible to post news and users can comment each entry 1.0.3
amun/oauth Provides an Oauth 1.0 endpoint implementation where applications can register to access the API 1.0.3
amun/openid Provides an OpenID provider implementation 1.0.3
amun/page Basic service to make a page wich can be edited 1.0.3
amun/php Service to embed PHP code in a page 1.0.3
amun/phpinfo Service to offer PHP informations via an API 1.0.3
amun/pipe Service wich redirects the content of an media item to an page 1.0.3
amun/profile Displays the activities of an user and the option to add the user as friend 1.0.3
amun/redirect Redirects the user to an given url 1.0.3
amun/sample Setups an sample website 1.0.3
amun/sitemap Adds an API to generate a sitemap ( wich can be used by search engines 1.0.3
amun/stomp Sends all record changes to an message queue via stomp 1.0.3
amun/swagger Provides an API swagger endpoint wich can be used by i.e. swagger-ui to display all available APIs 1.0.3
amun/user Basic service wich handles user groups and rights 1.0.3
amun/vcshook Gateway to receive commits from different version control system services like github, googleproject 1.0.3
amun/xrds Provides an xrds endpoint to discover all APIs 1.0.3
amun/search Search service using elasticsearch 1.0.3
amun/webfinger Provides an webfinger endpoint to discover informations about an user or page 1.0.3